7 oz Candle - Husband Material

7 oz Candle - Husband Material

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Introducing our Husband Material scented candle, carefully crafted to evoke a sense of masculine refinement. This 7 oz candle boasts a unique blend of fragrance notes, including Petitgrain, Ozone, Sea Salt, Plum, Eucalyptus and Powder.

The top notes feature Petitgrain and Ozone that gently fuse with the middle layers of Sea Salt and Plum to create an invigorating aroma. The base notes of Eucalyptus and Powder provide a subtle yet refreshing touch that seamlessly blends with the warm essence of Sandalwood and Dark Musk.

The Husband Material scented candle's harmonious fragrance offers an intense but well-balanced scent that will transform your space into a cozy haven. It's perfect for creating an atmosphere for relaxation or even adding ambiance to romantic evenings.

Our high-quality wax blend ensures this candle burns perfectly while providing longer-lasting fragrant aromas compared to others!

Indulge in luxury today by adding our Husband Material scented candles into your home decor collection!


Please note:
Due to being handmade, there may be some slight differences in color from one batch to the next. Due to the natural contraction of wax, there will be some minor imperfections regarding glass adhesion. This is normal and is expected with almost all container candles.

Also, we have a trademark pending with the lips on our candles. Although this is our company logo, we understand that our customers may not want to gift their bosses or customers something with lips on them. Therefore, if your order must NOT have the lips, please shoot us a message to let us know and we will ensure your order does not have lips on them. If no notice is provided, the candle you get may or may not have the lips on them.

Orders will only ship out on Mondays and Tuesdays due to weather conditions. If we ship any other day, the wax products will potentially be left to sit (& melt) for numerous days in a warehouse.