What's Coming?

We are so honored to have you here! 

We have some great things coming your way soon!!

Just to name a few:

  • LUXURY LINE- OHH, YEAHHH! We have heard you asking for something other than clear glass jars! We will have you your own line of candle jars- Only the best! Follow us on FB to be a part of the journey!! We ask our customers exactly what they like so we bring to the table exactly that! How cool is it that you can help customize what will be offered?!
  • NEW SCENT!  Now that we launched with our starting lineup candles, we are working on adding MORE SCENTS! I always take these things seriously! After all, I only want to release to you what people want the most. We make a few that we love, and we have many different people provide honest feedback to us! From there, a decision is made. Join that FB page for a chance to be one of the people who helps us choose which one is released!